My Story

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I started this adventure on a resale app. After building relationships with dozens of women, all of whom loved activewear, but needed a bit of help coordinating outfits and finding affordable options, I realized how much I loved this new hobby!

Shortly after the genesis of Active Joy, I lost my mother to Covid, and our entire family dynamic changed. I quickly came to the realization that life is precious and time stands still for no one, so I made the decision to create a business from this newfound love.

I’m addicted to the outdoors, I was created to connect with people, and I find joy in making others love life more, and we are! Who knew something as simple as activewear could create such a great opportunity to meet new people and serve them through fabulous bargains!

There’s more to this story, and I’m excited to share each step with you very soon… so keep an eye out!

Until then, be active and choose joy!